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Fancy A Coffee? Read Me a Poem – It’s On The House!

Fancy A Coffee? Read Me a Poem – It’s On The House!

World Poetry Day, occurring 21 March, is a festival of imaginative streams, composition and rhyme. Julius Meinl, the worldwide espresso roaster and represetative of Viennese café culture, is set to dispatch its yearly ‘Pay With A Poem’ activity in bistros and eateries crosswise over London and past

In case you’re not hesitant to put pen to paper, you could get your espresso for nothing on 21 March when all coffeehouses crosswise over London stocking Julius Meinl simmered espresso beans will acknowledge lyrics as money. They are naming this occasion ‘Pay With A Poem’ in a major push to motivate energy for verse in the midst of all the worldwide political turmoil going ahead around us with Brexit and the Trump organization.

One of the bistros partaking is Manna Dew in Battersea. Chief and Owner, Mohamed AbouGhazala is expecting an expansive turnout this year and is urging much more individuals to get included. He says: ‘Our baristas are good to go so go ahead down and appreciate unleashing your internal writer!’

As indicated by research, an incredible 80 for every penny of Londoners feel baffled with the momentum condition of the world

As indicated by research dispatched by Julius Meinl, an astounding 80 for every penny of Londoners feel disappointed with the momentum condition of the world, yet four in five individuals feel that investigating their inventiveness helps them to have an uplifting point of view in any case. Pay With A Poem is Julius Meinl’s commitment to this new rush of expanding energy through innovativeness.

Pay With A Poem dispatches on World Poetry Day



For quite a long time, easily recognized names and well known countenances have been finding an innovative outlet in perusing and composing verse. Performers, models and even past Presidents have unleashed their creative energy in composing, banishing the myth that verse is held for the prepared scholar. Offer voice to your internal artist this World Poetry Day by taking motivation from these A-listers.


Barack Obama

Much sooner than his political vocation, previous President of the United States Barack Obama made a concise raid into verse. His two distributed works, Pop and Underground, were composed amid his college years, when he was likely looking for an innovative outlet, giving truly necessary light alleviation from the heaps of political reading material! Maybe the past President will now recover his immature scholarly gifts? Stay tuned!



Beyoncé has been getting the mantle of verse notwithstanding her sparkling profession in music and film. In her widely praised faction collection Lemonade, the vocalist slung writer Warsan Shire into the spotlight. Highlighting Shire’s gifted works, Beyoncé brought the talked word craftsman’s works into the standard. Actually, the vocalist picked none other than Shire’s work as a backup incredibly pregnancy with twins.


Daniel Radcliffe

Composing under the nom de plume Jacob Gershon, it was uncovered that Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was working two jobs as an artist in favor of his movie vocation. He told the Guardian: ‘As a performer, there is space for a specific measure of innovativeness, yet you’re generally at last going to state another person’s words. I want to compose short stories and verse, in light of the fact that those are my two interests. There is a workmanship to a short story.’ A self-admitted sentimental, Radcliffe has had his verse distributed, as well as composed individual functions as a present for his better half.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a lady of numerous gifts – an on-screen character, demonstrate, every living creature’s common sense entitlement extremist – and low maintenance writer! Penned in 2014, Anderson distributed a 1,209 word epic sonnet that narratives everything from adoration, Playboy, “that stuff on unwashed vegetables” and conveys preventative counsel: “never wed a rich man”. In spite of the fact that not unequivocally said in her work, numerous faultfinders translated her interest into verse as being motivated by her split from her then-spouse Rick Salomon. The Baywatch star out of the blue made her artistic introduction by imparting her work to her fans by means of her Facebook page, transforming her broken heart into craftsmanship.


James Franco

Nearby his vocation in film, the Hollywood heart-throb has been making waves in the verse world. His presentation accumulation of works, Directing Herbert White, was discharged in 2014. Franco, who has a Master of Fine Arts degree in verse, has found an innovative outlet in his composition and is a characteristic to the universe of verse. He depicted unbelievable beat artist Allen Ginsberg in the 2010 film Howl – named after Ginsberg’s most notorious work.

Feeling roused by these verse identities? Join the Pay With A Poem development and visit taking part areas serving Julius Meinl on World Poetry Day (21 March 2017). The individuals who compose a sonnet can utilize this as money to get a complimentary espresso or tea of their decision

Top Tier Super-foods For a Happy Healthy Mood

Top Tier Super-foods For a Happy Healthy Mood

f all the approaches to treat despondency that exist, enhancing your eating routine in the particular courses delineated in this article and eating the uncommon “super” nourishments for dejection recorded beneath is a standout amongst the best approaches to do as such. Most instances of dejection can be essentially enhanced if not disposed of by and large by enhancing your eating routine and nourishing admission (regardless of the possibility that you think you are eating great as of now!) and are frequently brought about in entire or to some degree by eating low-quality sustenances or an imbalanced eating regimen unconsciously. [1]

This is on the grounds that all together for the mind and body to deliver appropriate neurotransmitter and hormone levels—which are fundamental for you to feel cheerful, quiet and persuaded—it must be provided with the best possible supplements, proteins, vitamins, minerals and cell reinforcements, preferably from entire nourishment sources. In the event that your mind and body don’t have the correct crude materials they require in a brilliant, entire nourishment shape, they just won’t work appropriately and you can without much of a stretch get to be distinctly discouraged. [1,6]

Besides, in the event that you are not eating top notch, normal/natural, entire sustenances as illustrated all through this article, you can likewise be unwittingly ingesting chemicals, additives, pesticides, MSG, hereditarily adjusted nourishments and other engineered fixings that have experimentally recorded negative consequences for inclination and can completely bring about despondency, uneasiness, cerebrum mist and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Roadmap to Beating Depression with Food and Diet

The point on the off chance that will be that the nourishments that you eat and the substances that you put in your body massively affect your mind-set and on your enthusiastic state and are frequently the way to turning around wretchedness with eating regimen. By and large, uncommon psycho-passionate recuperating practices are additionally expected to invert a portion of the outlooks that can likewise add to sadness well beyond the sustenances you eat. In the event that you need to beat wretchedness for good, it’s optimal to take a shot at the brain and feelings the same amount of as you work on the body, however this article will be centered around the best eating regimen and sustenances for dejection as this is the least demanding spot to begin and quite often brings about in a flash discernible moves in how great you feel.

Before the finish of this article you will have a total guide to the most essential therapeutic sustenances to incorporate into your eating routine to beat dejection, which you ought to eat day by day to ensure your body has all that it needs to create bottomless neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, dopamine, acetylcholine and that’s just the beginning, all of which have tremendous effects on your state of mind. You’ll additionally realize which nourishments make you discouraged with the goal that you can evade them and quit disrupting your advance.

Not exclusively will these extraordinary discouragement battling nourishments help you feel better in a split second, yet they will likewise help you make uncommonly abnormal amounts of wellbeing and as you improve and keep you from creating normal afflictions and maladies that a great many people confront. This gloom eating routine is really the ideal eating regimen for long lasting wellbeing and health since it supplies your body with everything that it needs to flourish with each level: rationally, inwardly, physically and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Top 10 Best Foods for Depression: How to Supercharge Your Mood with What You Eat

In the event that you are searching for a fast settle, then you’re likely going to need to begin with a significant number of the uncommon sustenances for sorrow laid out underneath as these are simple wins to begin boosting your inclination with eating routine. Be that as it may, for long haul accomplishment in beating dejection, you’re likewise going to need to make a portion of the greater eating routine and way of life changes plot facilitate into the article too. While these sustenances can give you a moment temperament lift, you would prefer not to fabricate your home on an unstable establishment, as it’s essential to roll out all encompassing way of life improvements also when battling misery and nervousness with eating regimen.

1. Natural, Grass-Fed Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein is from numerous points of view a definitive inclination boosting, gloom battling nourishment. Why? Since it is basically the concentrated crude materials that your cerebrum needs to create plenteous, mind-set boosting neurotransmitters of assorted types: serotonin, dopamine, GABA , acetylcholine, melatonin and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Look into demonstrates that in a great many people with dejection, these neurotransmitter levels, alongside GABA, are either low or imbalanced [1,6]. Your cerebrum and body make neurotransmitters from amino acids and amino acids are discovered most inexhaustibly in protein and natural, grass-encouraged crude whey protein think is one of the wealthiest wellsprings of nourishment based amino acids and protein known to man.

Whey protein is actually similar to rocket fuel for your cerebrum and is a tremendously imperative sustenance for wretchedness. What’s more is that it is remarkably rich in four critical amino acids, which are intense supplements that battle melancholy: L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine and Glutamic Acid. Tryptophan is the antecedent to serotonin and Phenylalanine and Tyrosine are the forerunners to dopamine and epinephrine and glutamic corrosive is changed over in a progression of chain responses into L-Glutamate which increment levels of GABA. These four neurotransmitters are the fundamental temperament boosting chemicals in the human body and are the sacred chalice for individuals with sorrow or tension. You need inexhaustible, adjusted levels of them all keeping in mind the end goal to supply your cerebrum and body with the crude materials it needs to deliver a positive, sound inclination and a stimulated yet casual sentiment peace and quiet. Taking natural, grass-nourished whey protein day by day is the least demanding approach to finish this as it is one of the best sustenances for melancholy that exist. Whey protein additionally supplies other fundamental amino acids that help keep up legitimate hormone levels in the body, which likewise are critical for boosting temperament and defeating sorrow with eating regimen.

Be that as it may, not all whey protein is made equivalent—truth be told, the greater part of the whey protein available is in reality terrible for individuals with wretchedness and uneasiness since it contains a wide range of manufactured sugars, flavors, added substances, building specialists and hostile to clustering operators. These fixings can really bring about despondency and tension as they are not characteristic but rather engineered and upset the body’s regular working (more on this and why you need to abstain from anything manufactured later in the article). Numerous non-natural whey proteins likewise contain engineered steroid-like chemicals added by producers to help individuals assemble muscle speedier however these effectsly affect disposition.

Furthermore, if that weren’t sufficient, non-natural, non-grass-sustained whey protein is quite often from dairy animals that are processing plant cultivated, which implies they are encouraged an eating regimen of pesticide-loaded, hereditarily adjusted sustenance, infused with inexhaustible engineered anti-infection agents and development hormones and are kept in little confines where they regularly create incessant ailments. You better trust that some of those pesticides, anti-infection agents and hormones get go into the protein and subsequently onto you, and as you may have speculated, they don’t effectsly affect your disposition—an incredible inverse: they really undermine the gloom count calories. Besides, dairy animals not bolstered their common nourishment, which is grass, create bring down quality drain with lower quality protein as the bovines aren’t getting the crude materials they have to deliver top notch drain—which must be found in grasses!

In the event that you are searching for sustenances that help battle discouragement, what you are after is 100% unadulterated, natural, grass-bolstered whey protein think with NOTHING ELSE ADDED—simply like nature proposed. Natural means no anti-microbials or development hormones can be utilized and that the nourish must be natural and free from any chemicals or pesticides also. Grass-bolstered implies the bovines are raised on open field on natural grass, similarly as nature proposed, with the most astounding quality drain conceivable, which produces supplement and amino-corrosive rich whey protein. At the point when devoured in this frame, whey protein is an effective upper nourishment.

Moreover, natural, grass-encouraged whey protein focus is incredibly delightful. Genuinely it resembles eating solid sweet that makes you feel awesome. On the off chance that you are treating discouragement with nourishment, this ought to be your first line of barrier.

2. Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon Fish Oil

In the event that you have been hunting down nourishments that battle wretchedness, you have presumably run over individuals prescribing fish oil. What’s more, in light of current circumstances: there is a remarkable measure of research demonstrating that omega-3 unsaturated fats like DHA and EPA, which are plentiful in fish oil, are vital for boosting temperament and battling despondency. Cerebrum tissues specifically are rich in omega-3 unsaturated fats, so an absence of sufficient supply in your eating regimen can worry your mind.

As per Dr. Douglas London, inquire about partner in psychiatry at the Psychopharmacological Research Laboratory of McLean Hospital and therapeutic personnel at Harvard Medical School, “The human mind is 60% fat, and omega-3 unsaturated fats are the unsaturated fat of decision for the structure of specific parts of cerebrum cell films and cerebrum intercellular nerve associations.”

He goes ahead to state that “Absence of dietary omega-3 compels the cerebrum cells to use other unsaturated fats close by, bringing about cells built with second rate building material,” and “Absence of accessible omega-3s influences mind work and is related with intellectual and enthusiastic issue. There is developing confirmation that a huge extent of the U.S. populace is at hazard for omega-3 unsaturated fat lack.”

However, the exploration has demonstrated that things go considerably more remote than that however with regards to battling sorrow: contemplates have demonstrated that an absence of DHA has broad hormonal impacts, expanding corticotropin-discharging hormone, a hormone that conservatives and controls emotionality. This can, thusly, add to hyperactivity inside the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) hub, an essential neuroendocrine framework that manages mind-set, hostility and “battle or-flight” reactions related with nervousness and dep

Positive Living And Weight Loss

Positive Living And Weight Loss

I lost 40 pounds a year ago, however first I needed to relearn some key lessons about wellbeing and health.

Recouping from having my infant in late 2015, I had expected that as a wellbeing mentor I would have such a variety of solid, capable devices readily available that I would have the capacity to skip once again from, and rapidly recapture my vitality while losing the weight I had picked up while pregnant.

I was liberal and cherishing with myself in those initial couple of months, taking regular snoozes, resting my body, and enjoying a lot of nestles. In any case, then I started to feel the weight to return to “typical” where I had the vitality to go running in the mornings, cook solid dinners, and work gangbusters on my business.

However I was still just resting a couple of hours on end. I was extraordinarily crabby, and I was desiring sugar and undesirable sustenances that I didn’t regularly eat. I thought some way or another I would be the exemption to baby blues recuperation and ricochet back through the restlessness and emotional episodes.

I was overlooking that our hormones start changing the minute we get pregnant and keep on changing for nine months and past. Obviously, I couldn’t hope to have returned to “ordinary” only a couple of months subsequent to having my infant. I resembled a competitor who tries to practice through a difficult damage. I needed to relearn the major practice that is at the center of my business. To be delicate on ourselves and to recognize all that we as of now are doing!

When I changed my mentality and gave myself this help, everything got less demanding.

Here are the progressions I made that helped me develop that outlook and lose 40 pounds a year ago. A hefty portion of these practices I had utilized as a part of the past to bolster my own wellbeing, yet I should have been helped to remember their significance and relearn their energy.

1. I tuned in to my instinct.

Rather than gazing foggy-brained at my PC, I immediately perceived when I was too drained to possibly be beneficial and laid myself down for a snooze. Rather than burning through two hours gazing at my PC and achieving practically nothing, I could snooze and afterward effortlessly finish significantly more in a similar measure of time.

2. I set savvy objectives around exercise.

I was cleared at a month and a half for exercise by my specialist, yet I didn’t hop up from the mentor and plan to run a half marathon. It’s enticing to do, however it’s a quick type of self-harm. I tuned in to my instinct, and I understood that running was excessively for me right then and there. Be that as it may, I knew I could profit by building center quality and fortifying my arms and legs to lift my “little iron weight” all over the stairs. I have dependably delighted in gathering wellness, so I began going to Tabata classes at a nearby exercise center. I made those classes nonnegotiable on my timetable and regarded that dedication. I set my objective at two times each week, something that was anything but difficult to be noteworthy yet that I could likewise get comes about because of. I didn’t overpower myself with setting too huge of an objective.

3. I got month to month kneads.

I nearly crossed out my initial one, revealing to myself I didn’t have time. Huge error (colossal!). I didn’t understand how separated I had gotten to be from my body in the wake of having my child. I simply didn’t see it. Be that as it may, getting a hourlong back rub and feeling how every one of my muscles and tendons were there and associated totally re-solidified my mind-body association.

In addition, having a hour to simply decompress and download my cerebrum was awesome. When we are continually around our children and accomplices we can overlook that we require time to simply think without being always interfered. I would reveal to myself that I would set aside some opportunity to myself however it was truly difficult to respect that on my calendar. Getting the back rub made me focus on having my own peaceful time.

4. I arranged less complex dinners.

The center of my business is helping mothers make sense of feast arranging with the goal that they have room schedule-wise to accomplish a greater amount of what they adore and have time for themselves. Feast arranging spares so much time and cash, besides, we don’t experience the ill effects of “choice weariness” and begin settling on unfortunate decisions since we are overpowered by choices throughout the day (this may be the most critical one).

What I understood is that I was investing excessively energy cooking since it was what I knew how to do. But since I needed to fit in more exercise, resting, and back rubs, I knew I could be more key with picking my suppers.

Since I was watching what I ate to bolster my weight reduction objective, I would have a similar breakfast and snacks (smoothies and cereal for breakfast contingent upon the season, and a serving of mixed greens with some quality protein for lunch). Dinnertime I concentrated on one-dish or one-pot suppers and after that served cut-up veggies like red pepper and cucumber.

It was difficult, however when I set aside some opportunity to remind myself why I take every necessary step I do and permitted my instinct to stream, more delight and simplicity took after, and the weight started to tumble off easily.

Struggling To Stay Positive? These tips will help you succeed!

Struggling To Stay Positive? These tips will help you succeed!

Is it accurate to say that you are battling with remaining focused on positive change for YOU? Continue perusing for a few stages you can make to up your dedication!

Step 1: Make beyond any doubt the change is something YOU need.

This is the most essential stride. In case you’re accomplishing something since another person needs you to do it – will be tested to remain engaged and submitted. When you’re accomplishing something YOU need to do – you’ve officially increased present expectations of progress. Furthermore, I don’t think about you, yet I’m about being cheerful and solid for ME.

Step 2: Make beyond any doubt you feel GOOD with the means you’re making.

Goodness no doubt – that is what I’m discussing – resting easy. In case you’re attempting to roll out improvements and you’re discovering all that you have to do totally disgusting… great, you’re not going to be exceptionally dedicated. Suppose you need to add greater development to your life – on the off chance that you attempt to include running and you hate it – then it may not be much sooner than you’re back to not doing it. Yet, – in the event that you include hula hooping or move or something that makes your heart shout with delight then you’re going to *gasp* anticipate doing it AND will KEEP doing it. Win!

Step 3: Figure out in case you’re roused by the positive or negative.

Alright, affirm so we as a whole jump at the chance to believe we’re inspired by the positive at the same time, sensibly, a few of us are persuaded by the negative. How would you know which you are? Do you practice since you cherish the way it makes you feel and look OR do you practice since you’ve heard that absence of development can prompt to sickness? You have to take a gander at the progressions you’re attempting to make and make sense of what the main thrust is behind the change. This illumination will help you choose how to propel yourself.

Step 4: Reward yourself for itty bitty strides and for enormous jumps.

Prizes are SO fantastically FANTASTIC in pushing ahead in your positive way of life change. You made it seven days working out? Breathtaking – remunerate yourself. You made it 6 months of drinking no less than 64oz. of water? Remunerate yourself! Yet, – yes, it’s a major BUT – the prizes you pick must be something you wouldn’t ordinarily accomplish for yourself. In the event that you routinely get hair styles, nail trims, go to the films or whatever – it doesn’t tally. Your prizes should be recently that – rewards – something that you wouldn’t regularly accomplish for YOU. Commend your victories – you merit each and every reward.

Presently get out there and roll out your positive improvement! You CAN do it!

7 Self-Care Rituals to Practice Every Day

7 Self-Care Rituals to Practice Every Day

“Self-care” has become a cultural buzzword of late — and thank goodness for that! In a society that seems to value productivity, achievement and economic gain above all else, it’s important to periodically hone in on the other aspects of life. (Ahem, the ones tied to your own well-being.) Self-care can mean anything from taking a walk in the park during your lunch break, or reserving a few minutes each night to meditate or color. For others, it can involve writing their thoughts in a journal or practicing some yoga.

At its core, self-care is simply the act of performing with intention any action that brings you physical, mental, and/or emotional pleasure and allows space for introspection. To get a daily self-care routine down that truly works for you, try experimenting with different activities that make you happy. Whether you’re new to self-care or you’re looking to expand your practice, these free rituals offer a great place to start.

7 Simple Self-Care Rituals to Relieve Stress

1. Get outside.
It sounds so simple, but turning off your computer (or the TV and smartphone) and getting outside is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Research has shown that being in nature can help reduce blood pressure and muscle tension, slow the production of stress hormones, and might even reduce mortality. Experiencing the great outdoors is also good for your mental state. Those calming sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling in the wind enable you to feel more relaxed and balanced. Stick at it, and they may even quash feelings of anger, fear, pain and stress, too.

And then there’s this: Being one with nature can help you feel more connected to other people and the world as a whole. Simply taking a walk around the block, going on a short hike, or sitting in the grass for a while is a powerful act of self-care.

2. Give coloring a try.
There’s good reason behind the rise of the adult coloring book craze. Breaking out the crayons, markers or pencils is similar to art therapy. Art therapy has been shown to help people clarify their feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, reduce anxiety and improve their self-awareness. It’s also just a great act of creative expression. There’s even some research to suggest that coloring may have a meditative effect.

3. Journal.
Keeping a diary shouldn’t end in elementary school. People of all ages can benefit from free-writing their thoughts, feelings and experiences. And if you don’t like pressing pen to paper, then you can simply use the notepad on your computer or the notes app on a smartphone. Journaling allows you to clarify your thoughts and feelings, identify possible solutions to interpersonal issues or internal conflicts, and generally get more in touch with yourself. The bonus is that you’ll be able to thumb back through the pages to follow your growth over time.

4. Meditate.
When it comes to self-care, meditation is arguably one of the most accessible — and effective — strategies around. It requires no money, special equipment, or experience whatsoever to meditate for the first time. While there are many meditation techniques, they all center around one common theme: focusing on internal presence and stillness while allowing the mind to go quiet. Whether you practice for 10 minutes or an hour a day, meditation yields impressive benefits, like reducing mental and physical stress and improving concentration and immune system function.

5. Practice yoga.
You don’t need to pay for a studio membership — or be an expert-level yogi — in order to reap the benefits of yoga. Thanks to cheap yoga apps and free online tutorials, you can enjoy all of these benefits of downward dogging in the comfort of your living room. Just a little om time each week can help decrease stress, release physical tension and improve psychological well-being, self-awareness and overall relaxation.

6. Spend time with animals.
It’s not just dogs that are humankind’s best friend. Spending time with animals of all stripes has been shown to improve people’s mental and physical health. (Heck, it may even improve relationships with other humans!) Even if you don’t own a pup, you can play with horses (equine therapy), catsit for your friend, or volunteer at an animal shelter. Having a furry friend by your side can help you relax, reduce your blood pressure, and bring a whole lot of joy to your day (trust us on this one).

7. Take a bath.
A long, hot soak in the tub is just what the doctor ordered. Taking a bath has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood and assist in the release of physical and emotional tension. In fact, the soothing elements of H2O have been known for to help treat anxiety and pain. If you want a one-two punch of self-care, try adding some essential oils to the water so you can reap the benefits of both bathing and aromatherapy.

As you begin a self-care practice, expect a process of trial and error as you figure out what feels most pleasurable and relaxing to you. Once you’ve identified your favorite self-care activities, make a point of turning them into a series of daily, weekly and monthly habits. (For example, you might choose to meditate every day, practice yoga once a week, and volunteer at an animal shelter once a month.)

Is Forest Bathing the New Meditation?

Is Forest Bathing the New Meditation?

That is, until an aggressive burpee (or was it the kettlebell lift?) sparked some serious back pain that sidelined me for a few weeks without my usual calming Rx. (Cue: More stress.) So, like the 45 percent of young adults in America that fight anxiety on the reg, I had to explore alternative routes to zen.

While I was recovering from my back injury, I was invited by Ben Page, founder of Shinrin Yoku LA and a forest therapy guide, to try a Shinrin Yoku session. My first reaction was, “What the heck is forest therapy?” My second thought was, “You mean like being one with nature?” I’m the ultimate skeptic, but since I enjoy a good hike, I thought I’d see what all the buzz was about.

We agreed on a time to meet for our walk through Franklin Canyon, a stroll that would include something called “invitations” (similar to activities) and “council” (group discussions). Invitations and council are designed to improve mental and physical health. My guess was that there’d be no Beyonce music involved, and that I’d have to settle for the rustling of the trees. I told Ben I was game, and we got a forest bath on the calendar.

Shinrin Yoku: The Origins of Forest Bathing

In the 1980s when Japan was experiencing a tech boom (much like what we’re seeing in the United States today), many people’s health suffered from the stress of it. Medical professionals began exploring new ways to treat this “epidemic” and found real evidence that an escape to the woods could be the best form of therapy.

“In Japan you go to the doctor and he says, ‘OK I need you to go do two hours of Shinrin Yoku,’” Page says. The Forest Therapy Society of Japan certifies trails for Shinrin Yoku by taking blood samples from 100 participants before the hike, walking them down the trail and then measuring the natural killer (NK) cell boost count to see if it has increased. NK cells are responsible for keeping cancerous tumors at bay. And some research suggests it works: An independent study on nature therapy and preventive medicine found that a two-hour walk in nature for three days in a row increased NK cell count by 50 to 56 percent.

The Health Benefits of Forest Bathing

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, Page says Shinrin Yoku proponents believe the practice might also help prevent cancer. “The reason it’s called forest bathing in Japan is because trees shower themselves in things called phytoncides, which help trees attack cancers and microbial growth, so the tree is keeping itself healthy,” he explains.

According to an independent study, “Japanese people living in areas with lower forest coverage had significantly higher standardized mortality ratios for cancers compared with people living in areas with higher forest coverage, suggesting that forest environments may partially contribute to decreased mortality ratios for some cancers.”

The study goes on to say that NK cells can kill tumor cells by releasing anti-cancer proteins, like perforin. Some research also suggests that a walk through some lush foliage had dramatic effects on a person’s immune system and overall wellness. “Studies show that Shinrin Yoku is a natural antidepressant, boosts immune function and even increases your creativity and mental functions,” says Page.

Recognizing the very powerful implications of this practice, Amos Clifford (Page’s mentor), got to work. With a background as a wilderness guide and rights of passage guide, he decided to bring a guided version to the United States in 2012. The result: The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs. Today, the organization has 130 forest therapy guides globally, who take anywhere from one to 18 participants on a nature walk for three hours.

Forest Bathing: I Walk the Walk

When I met Page and another forest therapy guide for our hike in Beverly Hills, I realized I was overdressed in my fitness gear and CamelBak hydration pack. This was not going to be the strenuous hike I’d prepared for. In fact, the walk is meant to be easy and relaxing. “Slowing down is actually one of the hardest things for people to do. We’re not used to moving slowly,” Page says.

In order to fully focus on the forest therapy, we were asked to power down for the next three hours (#PanicMode). Each walk includes “invitations,” or activities that awaken your senses and maximize your therapy. They’re meant to help participants relax and avoid obsessing over their worries and concerns. Each invitation is followed by a “council meeting,” where participants are asked to share their experience. These experiences vary from very direct (“I was bored”) to emotional (“This invitation made me realize I haven’t truly grieved my mother’s death”) and everything in between.

“That’s the magic of council, you get your experience. It’s yours,” Page says. According to forest therapy gurus, these simple moments of reflecting help us become more present and more in tune with our emotions.

The first invitation we had was called “The Pleasure of Presence,” which is meant to awaken the senses by touching our fingers to our nose, closing our eyes and listening to the rustling of the leaves. These simple tasks made it easier to be more present and focus on my own experience. This invitation did force me to take a beat. All of which I shared in council when it was my turn with the talking stick.

If These Woods Could Talk…

Our second invitation involved following Page’s lead — and pace — as we threaded the forest and touched trees, plants and other delights of nature along the way. Whenever the sounds of others would cloud my thoughts, Page would start playing a soothing tune from his flute. I immediately re-focused my mind to the matter at hand.

We did several other invitations and council sessions, including one that involved sitting and talking to a tree (yes, you read that correctly) for 20 minutes on your own. “The forest is not going to intrude on your personal space. It’s really going to honor that and be like ‘I’m here if you need me but I’m not needy,’” Page said. I have to admit I felt a little silly (OK, really silly) sitting next to a tree, while bystanders looked at me wondering what was going on. I prayed they didn’t Snapchat this weird interaction, and then scolded myself for using this time to think about social media.

But once I got over the awkwardness, I really took in the beauty around me: the view of the pine needles intertwined above me, the sap seeping through the bark. It was a real lesson in stopping and looking around every once in a while.

The day ended with a tea ceremony, so we could reflect on our experiences and share any final thoughts. We sipped rosemary and pine needle tea and snacked on fruits and nuts.

A Walk With Nature: The Assessment

I realized that while I thought this would be like a meditation session — and it was — for me, it was more about using the time for personal therapy and for discovering what deep down could be reconciled for some inner peace. I recognized how distracted I am by technology and how my thoughts traveled from one idea to the next when I had the time to just sit and think.

Page had emailed me when I got home: “I hope you continue to feel the calm and relaxation throughout the week,” he wrote. “According to research, the amount of time we spend in nature should continue to make you feel good for a week,” he added. And indeed I felt good and refreshed in the days following my forest therapy.

The benefits of Shinrin Yoku are so vast that the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs has been working with major health insurance companies to incorporate their program into health plans in the near future, Page says.

Forest Bathing: A New Self-Care Practice

But it’s important to note that one forest therapy session doesn’t mean you’re cured for life. You need to incorporate some type of forest therapy into your life regularly in order to reap its benefits, experts suggest. That can be as simple as: “Just go outside, find a tree, and sit under it for five minutes,” Page says. Or if you’re up for a little more of a commitment, you can find a forest therapy guide using this locator. With the short-term benefits I experienced, $30 for each guided walk seems to be just as invigorating and therapeutic as a self-help seminar or even a wellness retreat.

And remember, forest bathing is not meant to be a replacement for professional medical help or mental health support. But if you have a few hours to take in some fresh air, sunshine and some alone time with nature, you have nothing to lose.


9 Healthy Breakfast Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

9 Healthy Breakfast Recipes Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

9 Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Whip Up Fast

1. Acai Breakfast Bowl Recipe
Night owls, meet your new morning savior: the smoothie bowl. More substantive than a shake, this colorful breakfast is topped with high-fiber cereal or granola, and hefty slices of potassium-rich banana. Plus, did you know acai is packed with antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats? Just blend it, mix it and serve it — your prep work will be done in five minutes flat.

2. Vietnamese Coffee Protein Smoothie Recipe
This two-for-one deal serves up your morning dose of caffeine, while also counting as a filling meal. If you like to hit the gym in the a.m., you’ll be happy to know that java makes a great pre-workout drink. Sip on this before a sweat session and the coffee-induced buzz you’ll get may increase your endurance.


3. Chocolate Banana Protein Pancake Recipe
If you’ve never met a pancake you didn’t like, here’s a version that’s crazy easy to make on your own. With just 275 calories per serving — and 22 grams of protein — these flapjacks provide serious morning fuel. Make a batch post-workout to maximize muscle recovery and stay energized all day.


4. Mocha Protein Shake Recipe
Talk about a morning win: A grande mocha from Starbucks will set you back 360 calories, while this protein-packed shake only tallies 254 — and with a third of the fat! Chocolate protein powder lends plenty of rich taste to your glass, along with 28 filling grams of protein. Stir in some cold brew and you’ll get that caffeine kick you were looking for, too.


5. Avocado Toast, Three Ways
This trendy restaurant dish is a cinch to make from start to finish. Top your toast with smoked salmon, radishes or tomatoes — and add an egg on top if you’re feeling ambitious. Bonus: Avocados are packed with more potassium than a banana, making them a totally acceptable morning snack.

6. Orange Creamsicle Protein Smoothie Recipe
Can’t start your day without a tall glass of OJ? This citrus-infused smoothie will give you your fix, while also imbuing your breakfast with 29 grams of protein. Choose a fortified orange juice to ensure that you get plenty of bone-building calcium alongside your vitamin C.


7. Antioxidant Fruit Salad with Bee Pollen Recipe
Just one look at this mouth-watering berry-packed salad might be enough to inspire you to wake up five minutes earlier to make it. The fruits alone will be satisfying and delicious, but add some vanilla-infused raw honey if you’re in the mood to #treatyoself today.

8. Banana-Oat Protein Smoothie
No time for overnight oats? This oatmeal-infused smoothie will hit the spot — and be ready in mere minutes. Two bananas guarantee you’re getting plenty of potassium, and vanilla protein powder amps up the protein count to 30 grams per serving. The dash of cinnamon you’ll add at the end is the proverbial icing on the cake.


9. Low-Calorie Blueberry Yogurt Parfait
Sneak in more than a third of your recommended daily calcium intake with this simple breakfast recipe (that can double as dessert, too!). Just take two types of yogurt, fresh blueberries, preserves and a few graham crackers, and you’ll have a parfait that blows away anything you’d get at McDonalds.